Aug. 8th, 2013

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Title: "Your Heart is Frozen Before The Red Moon."
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: PG-13.
Fandom: Sherlock
Characters: John Watson & Sherlock Holmes, Lestrade, The invited party of the wedding with the groom and the boyfriend, the bride and The red Moon
Summary: “I want to enter into a chest
where I can be warmed!
A heart of my own!
Burning! Spilling!
on the hills of my breasts;
Let me in! Oh, let me! “

Warnings: some gruesome crime scene and imaginary so Pg-13, people could be crazy or maybe this is a thriller in a magic realism alternative world. I think is the later.
Word Count: 2200 approx.
Author's Notes: Prompt of[ profile] watsons_woes Words to live by: Use one of your favorite quotes in your story. The quote I loved more as a teenager author was poem part of a theater script by Federico García Lorca it is a little long but here it is in English and Spanish is from “Bodas de Sangre” or “Bloody Weddings”; “Weddings of Blood” (the name varies in the translations) I translated the poem myself, because I didn’t like the ones out there were really bad, didn't did justice at the moon monologue, I know I’m not amazing, but I hope it has more rhythm now after all is a poem.
Beta: Now betaed by my amazing friend and wonderful writer [ profile] mildred_bobbin
Master Fic for this challenge: on LJ


¡Dejadme entrar! ¡Vengo helada

por paredes y cristales!

¡Abrid tejados y pechos

donde pueda calentarme!

¡Tengo frío! Mis cenizas

de soñolientos metales

buscan la cresta del fuego

por los montes y las calles.

Pero me lleva la nieve

sobre su espalda de jaspe,

y me anega, dura y fría,

el agua de los estanques.

Pues esta noche tendrán

mis mejillas roja sangre,

y los juncos agrupados

en los anchos pies del aire.

¡No haya sombra ni emboscada.

que no puedan escaparse!

¡Que quiero entrar en un pecho

para poder calentarme!

¡Un corazón para mí!

¡Caliente!, que se derrame

por los montes de mi pecho;

dejadme entrar, ¡ay, dejadme!.


Let me in! I come frozen

through windows and barriers!

Open roofs and chests

where I can be warmed!

I’m frozen! My ashes

of somnolent metals

seek the crown of the fire

among hills and streets.

But the chill snow carries me

In its shoulders of jasper,

and I flood, cold and harsh,

in the depths of lake-waters.

But this night my cheeks

will be stained with red blood,

and the reeds clustered

in the wide swathes of air.

There won’t be a hole or shadow,

nowhere they could hide!

I want to enter into a chest

where I can be warmed!

A heart of my own!

Burning! Spilling!

on the hills of my breasts;

Let me in! Oh, let me!

Blood’s weddings – Federico García Lorca.

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