Dec. 23rd, 2013

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Title: "This Land."
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Series: STR
Characters/pairing: K/S established with Kirk, Spock, McCoy friendship
Rating: R (in this part because of Jim's memories)
Length: (word count) 8050 the first part (there are two parts)
Beta: for most of this one Thanks a lot [ profile] 1lostoneficspot I know you had no much ime after your first view so i did what I could, so all the errors are totally mine. I'm still looking for another beta for a second look of this part and for the second part.
Warnings: Tarsus past remembrance so children abuse and intent to rape (not happen, but it could be trigger)
Summary: During a mission to observe a strange phenomenon in the Omega Dra System. Jim, Spock and Bones are summoned, without consent, into the planet Sepphire as the prophesied heroes master of three elements who will save Sepphire, the Magic Knigths.

Notes: Crossover with Clamp works Manga and Anime (basically Magic Knight Rayearth and Card Captor Sakura) The lyrics are the magic summoning from the Land of Sephire.

Thanks a lot [ profile] cannedebonbon for give me permission again for using the beautiful art you did for the Reverse trekbang I won your work as a second writer and now I just finish what we started then like two years ago. Thanks a lot!!!


Artist: [ profile] cannedebonbon
Series: STR
Rating: Gen

 photo reverseBB.jpg

This land.

’One day, I believe they’ll hear my blind screams,’
A lightening fire, a strong wind and oceanic sage,
I summon thee to save my bleeding land.

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