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Title: Stretching
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Characters John/Sherlock, John/OCS; Irene/Moriarty, Irene/Kate, Irene/OC, Mycroft/OC, Mycroft/ Lestrade, Elsie(OC)/Holmeses, Moriarty/Elsie Holmes and Sherlock Holmes one sided, Moriarty/Sebastian Moran, Moriarty/OCs.

Fandom: Sherlock BBC fusion with Vampire: the Masquerade; some Bram Stoker’s Dracula; and my own vampire world.
Rating fic: R/ Chapter: PG-13
Disclaimers: Most of this is not mine. Conan Doyle, Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, Wizard of the Coast and Bram Stoker contributed a lot. I just put it in a shaker with my love and some of my own vampire creation and voila!

Betas: My wonderful and fabulous friends [ profile] mojoflower and [ profile] mildred_bobbin You are awesome and I love you both!

Summary: The Holmes family had being hunting the rogue vampire, Moriarty, for centuries. Little by little he had been taking the world into his web but now the
Vampire Council has sent "The Sword and The Healer" to resolve the situation. Meanwhile, London was rearranging itself to receive a new wild card, Sherlock Holmes.

Warnings: Some scenes of rape but not graphic, and it does not happen to John or Sherlock (prologue and some later chapter). Femlash, slash, vampires, vampires and hunters, poor humans don't know a thing. Mycroft still owns the government and some of the Mirrorworld. History is retold with vampires in it especially Roman Empire and 16 Century England, Violence and Blood like in the series and considering Vampires are in this series. Also some Shape-shifters.

You can find the fic In:
Here all the Chapters in AO3
And Here in LJ

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You can find the fic by Chapters In:

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Here chapter 1 on LJ/ or Here chapter 1 on AO3
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Author notes about this Au:

In this fic, vampires do not sparkle, do not sell their blood, and you certainly can't kill them with silver; because silver works only to kill and hurt werewolves, as every old tradition says. But in my AU both old vampires, and those newly sired by very old vampires, can walk in the sun.

They are ruled by a Prince in each city and a country or a continent by a council. (*more in the notes at the end)

Vampires have more powers than just the Glamour of the new vampiric stories; but these came at a price, resulting in certain quirks unique to each Clan bound by Blood.

From the Masquerade I will borrow 5 clans, but merge them into 3: The Gangrels, the Malkavans-Bruja and the Ventrue-Tremere.

The Mirrorworld is the name the vampire gives to their society, because they hide from human awareness in plain sight.

Vampires have an ancient culture, with their own clans and politics. Vampires have a Prince who reigns in every important city. Although they live and work among humans, generally humans are ignorant of their existence. However, there are some humans who work for vampires especially accountants, lawyers, maids and valets, doctors, etc. A few highly placed human politicians are aware of vampires on a need-to-know basis. This is known as the Mirrorworld.

Every major city has a Prince who rules over it. A new vampire in the city must pledge submission to him while in town and obey the rules he has made for the interrelationship with humans, vampires and possible werewolves or other beings in the vicinity. A Prince is generally a vampire older than 200 years old.

In a country there is a Council of princes, instead of a king. The Council is also always includes two Gangrel representatives, because the Gangrel clan is never in charge of a city, but of course is worried for their people within a country. In the Council there are in modern times; a human, a werewolf, and some other creatures or magic-alchemist parties that exist in the country. If some Clan is not represented by some Prince in the Council it will have two representatives as well. They make decisions about major situations when needed. There are Continental councils too with similar constitutions.

The resolutions of the council are final and punished by death if they are not followed.

In my creation if you are an old enough vampire you have no problems with the sun, also if you are turned by a powerful old vampire, because you earn part of his powers. But the vampire and sire must be at least 400 years old so there are not many vampires out there who live in the sun and obviously not the whole day, also this counts for make believe: you eat if you are old enough, you can intake some food and not poison yourself but only if you are more than 200 years old for liquids and 500 years old for food. Not pleasant but useful.

In the Vampires the Masquerade there are several clans of vampires, I will only be using 5 united in 3 and they will not be exactly like the original, but here are the characteristics of the clans in this fic.

1- The Gangrel: They are connected to the earth; associated with werewolves in some parts of the world, and with expert assassins in others. They are older and can live in the wild in any condition. They love travel and do not feel comfortable in cities for very long. They have the blood of gypsies, Egyptians, Persians, Vikings and Mongolians.

2- The Malkavians: They are the crazy ones. Powerful and childlike, they love games and puzzles. They are very clever, but their genius can range from naivete to darker and more horrible than your worst nightmare. Also they are old and powerful. They love cities and people to play with.

I will include the Bruja with the Malkavians because they made an alliance in England under Elizabeth the First. When she instituted the corsairs, she also promoted the new house of the Malkavian-Bruja to rule London.

The Bruja are strong, powerful and resourceful. But they are also anarchists at heart, disliking politics in favor of brute force. They are not geniuses like the Malkavians, but the two Houses united make an unstoppable combination.

3- The Ventrue are strong in politics and finances; they love books, are rich and educated, and are more involved in human business and politics. Since Elizabeth the First they have tried to lobby their way back into the government of London, but to no avail. But they have the majority of other major cities in Britain. And they have more support from human politicians and the international vampire community than the actual Malkavian-Bruja government of London. And who rules London... rules England.

During the late XIX century the Ventrues and the Tremere houses merged into one.

The Tremere: The clan of witches and warlocks of the vampire society. They seek power through knowledge, and conduct experiments on both vampires and humans. They are very powerful alchemists. They made many new discoveries during the wars of the XX century with the funds provided by their new allies, which resulted in healing enhancers such as enriched human blood and medical advances for humans; sold to them by the Ventrue via their several companies. Their research methods were, of course, unpleasant.

Their alliance with the Ventrues is strong, but not complete; when they really merge they will be a force to behold.

Some pics of my characters

Elsie Holmes as young Isabella Adjiani

Kol as Casandra Gava

Annais Fernand as young Isabella Rosellini

Irene Adler and Brian Holmes

Sir Ian and Clarice
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