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Title: "This Land."
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Series: STR
Characters/pairing: K/S established with Kirk, Spock, McCoy friendship
Rating: R (in this part because of Jim's memories)
Length: (word count) 8050 the first part (there are two parts)
Beta: for most of this one Thanks a lot [ profile] 1lostoneficspot I know you had no much ime after your first view so i did what I could, so all the errors are totally mine. I'm still looking for another beta for a second look of this part and for the second part.
Warnings: Tarsus past remembrance so children abuse and intent to rape (not happen, but it could be trigger)
Summary: During a mission to observe a strange phenomenon in the Omega Dra System. Jim, Spock and Bones are summoned, without consent, into the planet Sepphire as the prophesied heroes master of three elements who will save Sepphire, the Magic Knigths.

Notes: Crossover with Clamp works Manga and Anime (basically Magic Knight Rayearth and Card Captor Sakura) The lyrics are the magic summoning from the Land of Sephire.

Thanks a lot [ profile] cannedebonbon for give me permission again for using the beautiful art you did for the Reverse trekbang I won your work as a second writer and now I just finish what we started then like two years ago. Thanks a lot!!!


Artist: [ profile] cannedebonbon
Series: STR
Rating: Gen

 photo reverseBB.jpg

This land.

’One day, I believe they’ll hear my blind screams,’
A lightening fire, a strong wind and oceanic sage,
I summon thee to save my bleeding land.

Captain’s blog stellar date 2354.7

The Enterprise was investigating a strange anomaly in the sector of Omega-Dra System.

When we arrive and have our scanners at work, we had nothing in about the blasting of lighting and dark aura the planet manifested.

Suddenly something happens, the power gets off and on, and the life support and the gravity control started to malfunction too, so some second we were in the floor and minute later we were trying to reach our consoles.

Red Alert. Red Alert!

That was the only light continuously in place. Jim gave orders left and right, everybody tried to run their stations or help one another, if they were not rocking and on the floor once again.

“Lt. Uhura, report”, Jim asked exasperated.

“This is happening all over the ship, sir. Personnel from the lower levels except engineering are in the most danger concerning life support. So they are leaving for upper ones. There are no casualties registered, but we can’t know for sure in these conditions.” Jim could see that Uhura was concerned and looking for alternatives at that moment.

“Good Uhura, keep me informed.” Uhura took her place and hold to her station while the rocking continued.

”Mr. Spock, report” Jim was looking at him intensely.

“Captain we are in the middle of the anomaly, I cannot ascertain without more data, what is causing this Phenomenon inside the ship, but I can say there with a 34.5% of certainty that is the same Phenomena that we had observed on the planet briefly.”

“Captain, I cannot learn in our current condition what kind of phenomenon we are facing.” Spock said with his usual poker face, but Jim knew better he was annoyed because it was unknown.

“This is great.” Jim said, sighing.

“Scotty, report.” Scotty didn’t answer, because in that instant, the totality of the instruments turned dead, including the gravity system, so he started floating up above his seat.

Emergency. Red emergency lights were all they had.

“Scotty, do you hear me?” Jim tried, while he hugs the arm of his chair for good measure in an attempt to not reach the ceiling without the gravitational functioning.

He felt a hand on his ankle. “Jim, I have found two sets of gravity boots. Let me help you with them.”

Jim tried hard not to become an octopus while trying to get a grip of Spock without flying to the ceiling with his first, while trying to putting in the damn boots. After a foot was on the floor everything becomes easier.

Jim reached his seat and opened the compartment and took some security belts. Spock and Jim put them on to Sulu, Chekov and Uhura, leaving them secure in their seats. He took his communicator too.

“Lt. Uhura, you have the con, please try to reestablish communications with the other departments and comm me back, even with your hand communicator if nothing else. Sulu try to reestablish working the main power for the consoles with Lt. Francis and the others.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Mr. Spock and I will try to reach engineering from the Jefries’s tubes and assess the situation while going down.”

“Mr. Chekov, I left you in charge of the science post, please try to figure it out why this is happening and what this is, if you had to make up an scanner from a tricorder, do it.”

“Yes, sir.” Said Chekov with a smile.

Jim congratulated himself for his crew and his first officer having something unusual gravity boots in the bridge.

Jim went down first so he had an excellent view of his first’s posterior, and even while he was a pro and could concentrate in the now, that butt was in the now too. Jim shook his head and to focus while they were going down in the belly of the Enterprise.

They finally reached the auxiliary control.

“Spock can you reestablish the gravitate control from here?”

“Apparently no, Captain, we need to reach engineering, but I believe we can reestablish communications.”

“You know how much I love you, now?”

“No, I had not been informed on our two dates about it, Jim” Spock was blushing in green, it was beautiful.

They worked in silence for some time and stuff started to work.” Engineering, do you read me? Scotty?”

“I cannae reestablish the main gravity, sir…. This is nothing bad with anything here, sir. It is like evil magic.” Said Scotty totally frustrated.

“This can’t be magic, Scotty please continue to make our Lady see reason.”

“Aye, Sir. I will give it all I have. But I can promise nothing at this point.”

“You are the miracle worker so I know you can.” Jim smiled to the communicator, he knew his crew.

“Jim, the communications are off, again.” Spock said with the same tone he would say there is no more tea, but Jim knew better.

“Damn it.” They were screwed; they would have to go all the way to engineering and maybe from there…

Jim could not think anymore because, suddenly a voice was heard.

’A lightening fire, a strong wind and oceanic sage,
I summon thee to save my bleeding land’.

“Magic knights!

I know you can hear my voice asking for your help”

“Come to me, magic knights from another world”

And like that Jim and Spock felt dizzy and they were, with an incredulous Bones on the surface of a planet, possibly the one near the Enterprise. At least that was Jim hoped.

……………………….. .............................. ..………………………

A wizard in black with equal long dark hair and black wings was in front of them in the strange world they were in

“You were called from a great distance to this land. You are the chosen three who will save Sapphire from the evil hand that broke the balance and our Pillar.”

Jim, Spock and Bones look at him with nothing to say because of the shock, were they in a fairy tale, or in a game thing?

“Sir, we are honored, and all, but we are needed in our ship the Enterprise, up there!” Jim made signs to the sky. “Our people are in danger there. So please return us immediately.”

“I’m sorry, but there is nothing I can do, because I was not the one who summoned you. And because your ship is in the same danger we all are in Sapphire, this land. The only way to save Sapphire, and your people is following the prophesy.”

The wizard spoke again “I will give you the three gifts from the land. But you must learn to use them to save yourself from the dangers you could face before you will find the Runes gods who command the elements in order to become the Magic Knights the prophesy spoke of.”

Bones raises his hand, “Hey mister, suppose for a moment that I’m buying this stuff about the voodoo knights and this, all good, but if we are not the ones of that prophesy of yours we can go home?”

The Wizard raises an eyebrow, “There is no mistake Leonard. The Prophesy is very clear, three warriors will come from the deep black in a shiny city who travel to find justice and peace, the better warriors of this city will come in blue and gold, and their names will be James the brave, Spock the bright and Leonard the wise. They will accept the gifts and find the Rune’s gods, with the power of the elements and their born gifts they will become the saviors of Sepphire and they will be called the Magic knights.”

As you see Leonard, there is no mistake. And you can go to the city in the deep black when our land will be safe again. You must hurry; there is no time for questions. So I will give you your gifts, bestowed on me by the gods.”

Jim immediately thought we are screwed as he saw Bones almost facepalm himself. Spock maintained his poker face as always.

“James Tiberius Kirk, you will receive the fire and the magical armor.”

Before Jim’s eyes his clothes disappear with the only exception of half of his black regulation T-Shirt, pants and boots. Armor made of some golden metal beam up in his body and a shiny sword, with a revolver and a cape appear too.

“Spock of Vulcan, you will receive the wind and the magic.”

Spock’s clothes didn’t disappear except his science blue tunic. And he was given a white long robe with Vulcan inscriptions on it, a big pole with jewels on one side and a big sickle in the other.

“Leonard McCoy, you will receive the healing water and ancient cards of destiny.”

Bones tops change in some kind of mini light blue robe and something in like a key appear as a locket and a little purse.

Jim couldn’t contain himself and giggle looking the face of Bones because of the purse.

Before they can say anything more, the tall wizard makes murmured enchantments and a portal appeared from the a white mighty light fire up the sky and fall at the side of the wizard, who said:

“Be safe warriors of another world, Presea is waiting for you in the center of the forest, so you must start your journey.

The bright light slowly turned in a furry little mix of a tribble and a rabbit thing appeared before them and jumped over Jim almost immediately.

“Mokona will help and assist you in your quest, He can speak with empaths. Time is of the essence.”

After they heard the words these words the three disappear, before they could ask another thing, into another place, a forest.

The little creature started to spoke to Jim and explain, that they must to walk through the forest of silence before they could reach Presea’s castle.

 photo reversebang3.jpg

“Jim? What language are you using with that ball of fur?”

“I don’t get you Bones, she is talking in perfect Standard.”

“Fascinating Jim, You are not speaking standard with the creature, your were whispering strange sounds and monosyllables, I always suspected you had empathic abilities in some level and for the word of that strange host apparently that translate in magic communication skill on this planet.”

“Her name is Mokona”, Jim said while the white tribble with rabbit ears began jumping more urgently.

“Guys apparently we are not safe here, and we must to hurry through the woods.”

They run and he heard something follow them. Jim look behind him and saw a little child mounting a cloud of some sort, but he thought that was not a good idea to judge the kid as a good guy so he run faster and his friends follow his lead.

Finally they reach the forest and hid in some tree to wait.

The kid didn’t enter in the forest but start to chant and then a big worm like the ones in book ‘Dune’ appeared from nowhere and the kid ride the worm into the forest, apparently without saw them.

“Fascinating. This kid is a full wizard and apparently he can summon creatures, also I believe this forest is called The Forest of Silence, because in here you can’t operate magic. And that its why my magic wand has a sickle on one side.”

Mokona smiles and told Jim that he was in the right and that they must hurry to Presea’s castle in the center of the forest.

“Mokona said that your deductions are correct, Spock and we must hurry to the center of the woods.”

They run and walk through between the trees until they found a place to stay for the night.

“Spock you will look for wood for a fire and something to make it, Bones you will look for something edible and I will find something to use as a refuge.”

“Without a tricorder how do you expect I’ll find something edible, kid?”

“You are a doctor, I’m perfectly confidant in your ability to decide what is food and what is not.”

Before Bones could are argue more, the little Mokona opened her mouth and a little round house appeared before them.

“Mokona, I thought you said that we can’t use magic in here?” The little rabbit start mumbling in her language.

“Sorry to disturb your little chat, but what is the furball saying, Jim?”

“She is saying that she can’t be harm by the forest, and this is a gift for us. So I think is safe to enter in there.”

Bones raised his eyebrow and before Spock could say a word, he said “Spock, if another ‘Fascinating’ came from your mouth I kill you.”

Spock composed himself and arched his elegant eyebrow. “Doctor I would say, it was Interesting. And I must add to you that kill your first officer will not lead to a good end for your carrier in Starfleet.”

“Stop boys and get inside,” said Jim felling like a little kid at Christmas.

Inside was bigger than the outside. And there was an old 50’s fridge with plenty of fruits and vegetables and some milk in a carton. There were glasses and plates. And a big bed with enough space for six persons at least.

“WOW, I would never thought you like orgies, Mokona.” Jim winked at the little creature.

Bones rolled his eyes and went for a glass of milk. Spock was inspecting the place and Jim went for an apple.

“Fascinating. Jim, there are pajamas bellow the pillows and have our names on them.”

“Really I want to see them.” Jim said and jumped into the bed. His Pj’s were gold and had little enterprises on them. Bones’ had some hypos and Spock ones had little bears with big teeth in them, and were blue of course.

Spock took this time to inspect his robes. The ancient Vulcan words were about the big bird who give him the powers and how to make the magic works.

“Jim, I think now I know how to make this wand works for magic purposes. Apparently I only need to write in Vulcan what I desire to appear before me.”

“That is awesome Spock. Bones you had figure it out how to use your man purse yet.”

“There are cards with cute designs and names, I can’t understand a thing.”

Mokona jumped into Jim’s arms again and they started talking for quite a bit.

“Mokona is a genius and she said that you needed the key in your neck, take it out and say the magic words. I will show you Bones.”

So Jim took a knife and said. “For the power of Seres, key of magic, key of darkness and light, release!“

“Now you, Bones.” Bones rolled his eyes because there was no way in hell he was doing the princess witch act.

Jim became very upset and Mokona too because of Bones poor attempts and seriousness in the matter.
“Bones you want to comeback or not to or ship?” Bones was not convinced so Mokona hit him hard with his head and Jim promised to tell the ginger girl of operation that he had double timed her with the brunet of labs. Poor Bones with a big headache, and real disdain of his magic working spoke the fatal words with all the intention he could muster.

Immediately a pentagram appeared in the floor and the key turned into a wand which shone in green and blue.

“Mokona said that you must take a card and said ‘Activate’ and it is done,” said Jim, really happy with the results.

Bones took the first card of the lot and said ‘Activate’, and a little dancer appeared in the ceiling sending flowers everywhere and giving McCoy the favorite flower of his mother, leaving him with a smile.

“I thought the little girl was really cute!” Said Jim trying to cheer Bones up, but he said no word at all. Bones sat down in the massive bed without talking for a long time looking perplexed at the flower, while Jim and Spock prepared a meal.

After some fruits and milks they decide to sleep. “Boys I will pick the center because I could cuddle with both of you and imagine we are doing a ménage a trois.”

“Forgive me Captain, but I not let myself in the activity of cuddling as you know, less so with the good Doctor as you describe it. And I do not understand how our sleeping arrangements could be consider a family household of three,* where none of us share bloodline and we are actually four if we count the little sentient being Mokona.”

Bones huffed, “Of course you don’t know about that, Spock, only you would not only knew ancient French and don’t get the sense of the word. And Jim, not in my watch I will be sleeping as far away as I can from you, I want to sleep while we can in this forsaken place.” Bones left a pillow in between himself and Jim and got asleep in the moment his head touched the bed

“You are right Bones in something, we must sleep and also Mokona is a little girl and we can perform such and act in her innocent presence. Come in here little princess.”

So Mokona jumped in the bed with Jim with little noises of approval.

The next morning Jim wakes up all over Spock, and little Mokona was over Jim hipbone. Bones was still sound sleep hugging a pillow in the other corner of the bed.

Jim decided to push his luck and kissed the top of Spock head before everyone woke up. Spock who wasn’t really asleep didn’t protest about the little kiss and Jim thought he would do something more about public demonstration of affection in other more appropriate moment.

“Is morning already?” asked Bones yawning.

“Yep it’s six in the morning and I take the first turn to shower unless some of you decide to share.” Jim winked on that and disappeared in the shower.

Spock sat in the bed in meditation and Bones took his pillow and try without success to sleep a little more.

After the veggie breakfast everybody get out of the house only to see it smaller and smaller until it was eaten by Mokona.

Jim took with care the flurry rabbit that jumped in his arms, then asked her for directions.
They took the left and they advance some, before Jim felt strange, and earth start to move.
“An earthquake?” asked Bones.

“I don’t know, I have a bad feeling about this.” He says will taking his sword and put the cape out of the way.

At the same moment the earth crumbled and the big worm from before came from the earth in their direction.

Jim threw McCoy his revolver and started attacking the worm with his sword on the front while parrying with his shield.

Spock took one side to attacking the creature with his sickle. Bones lost his foot trying to catch the revolver, so he was not helping at the moment. The creature backlashed Spock with it’s tail, Spock jumped in the air several meters while Jim resisted the attacks from the worm causing several little injures in the creature.

Bones takes the revolver and went to fire to the center of the worm, while Spock comeback marching with his sickle and slashing the tail of the creature.

The Worm hit Jim with a really powerful slap and he was expelled to knock himself in a tree unconscious. The beast tried to finish the job, but Spock would not let this nasty worm to slay his Captain and finally slashed his head off with his weapon. Bones reached Jim, and took a hypo from his little pack (his medicines were still there) and stabbed it into Jim’s neck.

Jim whimpered and open his eyes putting his hand on his head.

“That hurts, Bones, I think I prefer the worm.”

“Ungrateful bastard!” Said Bones gesticulating and giving Jim his back.

Spock after found Jim’s pulse had gone in pursue of the kid, but he couldn’t catch the boy, who was giving him, a glossary of colorful expression while escaping.

Spock ran back to the Captain. “Are you alright, Jim? I was unable to catch the little wizard before he escaped. But I can ascertain that this creature was real, so I had thought before it was summoned by the boy. We must be careful of creatures like these in the future.”

“Yes Spock I’m all right a little bruise or two, nothing more, where is Mokona?”

Mokona apparently heard him because jumped from the tree into Kirk’s arms. Spock didn’t feel too happy about it, Jim who knew every wrinkle on his Vulcan, knew when he was pissed, despite his claim that he, Spock had no emotion whatsoever. Jim knew better than that; Spock was jealous.

Jim let the little rabbit into the ground and went to Spock and spoke to his ear.

“Spock, you know how important you are to me, you don’t need to feel jealous of poor little Mokona.”

Spock’s cheeks turn a little greener “I am a Vulcan, so I cannot have such emotion and less toward a lesser little creature.”

“Of course hobbling, that’s why you are taking the ball of fur from Jim’s arm with killer intent every time you can.” Bones said laughing hard.

“I was merely inspecting the creature for science, doctor McCoy.”

“Stop it the both of you. I can’t hear Mokona.”

Jim and the little rabbit talked for a while in the strange language. Finally Jim declared, “We need to hurry, Mokona feels that Windam is near looking for you Spock.”

“So we must to divert a little to find the first Rune god.” Saying this Jim stand up and started walking and talking with Mokona. “Hey guys, this way, you must to hurry!”

Spock and Bones started walking not even sure to where they were going next. Finally Jim showed them a mountain.

“We must climb it.”

They were trying to climb the mountain, but Bones was really tired.

“I’m a doctor not an escalator.” Jim knew his friend didn’t want more of it.

“Bones why don’t you wait for us in that little plain to your right and we finish the climbing and when is all settled, we comeback for you?”

“I don’t know Jim if it could be a good idea leave you with that hobgoblin as only back up.”

“Please, how many away missions have Spock and I accomplished without you? I’m not a kid anymore, you know?”

“Oh forgive me wise patriarch.”

Mokona started talking and jumping. “Bones, Mokona is telling me that only Spock who must reach the top at his devices, you can use magic. While in the mountain we are not in the forest anymore.”

“I will accompany Spock so… see you on the top, buddy.”

 photo Spock-battlemage_zps374ac8c6.jpg

A lightening, a strong wind and oceanic sea
They crossed with perseverance my west and east
I felt their footsteps and their magic’s wind
I was witness of big loves and big regrets.

There was a lyre in the cave. Jim thought that was very strange to say the least, but if he took in account that they were in dress like wizards and rangers, a Lyre was no so rare.

The cave was big and polished; there was a little stream some meters from them, and a large rock formation that resembled a dormant dragon. Nature or craft made was really something.

But nothing prepared Jim for what he saw next. His first officer approached silently, elegantly and smoothly and took the lyre in his hands like something to be cherished, he sat on a rock and his beautiful hands started to touch the strings, his eyes closed, like it was a prayer. Jim couldn’t take his eyes from him dazzled.

Spock scratches the surface of the strings and sounds started from them. At first it was something without meaning, but after some seconds a melody was brought to life.

Jim never heard something like that at all it was like velvet, soft and soothing, but it had a lot of emotion in it. Jim always knew his first has a lot in his heart, but now he was experience this first hand. The melody was complex but really calming at the same time, Jim had never heard Spock playing an instrument before, and he was truly an artist he can say this now. Jim was mesmerized with every note. It suddenly stops, hanging notes still on the air and leaving Jim with a cry in his soul, because he wanted the music never stop, in order to be able to live in it.

Suddenly Spock was surrounded by blue and gold beautiful light and he was there in trance suspended in the air. Jim was about to interfere, but Mokona stopped him, because this was his trial.
After a moment that was like an eternity for Jim, Spock‘s shadow was a Green light bird and they join together leaving him with perfect green winds, like an angel of a forest.

A voice was heard in the cave. “I’m Windam the God of the sky and the wind and I chose Spock of Vulcan as my warrior. The flow and the music from the sky will be your guide and the magic of the eternal light of the sun and the moon your tools in your mission."

Spock left the trance and landed feathery like in the floor of the cave, Jim reached him to see if he was ok.

“Jim this was the most fascinating and interesting encounter in my life, after meeting you of course my T’hy’la!” Jim supported his Vulcan who was exhausted, too many lights, or maybe the wings were too heavy and kissed him because he couldn’t stay and saw Spock like that so ethereal he needs to be sure he was his Vulcan also. Spock returned the kiss and asked for one with his fingers in return, Jim was happy to oblige.

Mokona made appeared a little globe so they descended more easily.

When Bones saw them said, “Now that is what the universe needed a green Vulcan angel!” and he rolled his eyes. Jim and Spock didn’t take him any mind.

After they rested in the little house until Spock could get up on his fit and flew on his wings and they continued their journey.

’ A lightening fire, a strong wind and oceanic sage,
They left one day leaving me isolated and alone
I didn’t feel anything from them, and I reap apart
I was witness of big earthquakes and destruction.

Mokona took Jim to another cave alone and there was an earthquake and not Bones or Spock could follow him.

There was only darkness I there but soon enough Jim felt little again he was in Tarsus hungry and thirsty looking for anything to eat.

Jimmy had a little group of rascals who were on the run trying to stay out of being targeted by the Kodos guards. They needed to eat as much as him, but they were too little to accompany him on the task. There was time like these ones when Jimmy thought they wouldn’t gonna make it, but he need to be strong for the others, and he will be. After some time he found a jack pot a guard house with cans of food which reach the ceiling. They wouldn’t miss three or five cans if they have more than 100 for sure.

So Jimmy swiftly and silently as he could took some of the cans and put them in his bag. Everything was right, he left the house unseen, but he was been but a short man with a bear with the batch of an agent of Kodos, Jimmy needs to act fast, he was too weak to outrun him, but he take a tuna can and pressed I his hand for dear life. The man approached him with lust in his eyes. And Jimmy suddenly knew what to do.

“Hello there, Big guy” he wink at the man.

The man’s eyes dilated even more “What are you doing here boy?”

“I’m really not a boy”, he said putting a hand in his hip and ”I’m looking for trade, if you see my meaning” Jimmy get his guts and approached the man with intensity never stopped looking at his eyes.

“You must feel so alone out here, and I only want some cans of food, and some fun. What problem we could have with that don’t you think?” Jimmy was trembling, but trying not to showing it.

The man was a pedophile and clearly there was not the first time he took a boy for less. “I like you, you are more intelligent that the rest of you.”

“Oh you know not half of it?” Jimmy took the space the separate them and making him believe he would kissing him, he put all his fear and strength in his fist with the can of tuna in it and hit the guy with all his must.

Trying to stomach the revulsion in his guts, Jimmy took the gun from the guy’s holster and the safety and fire, the man fall to the side and Jimmy was shaking. He vomited over the man he just killed. He took all the cans of foods he could carry and ran, and ran and ran until his legs couldn’t support him. He was close to their nest he reached a tree and tried to calm him and clean his mouth with the back of his jacket. Jimmy will bury these on the back of his mind with the other things he won’t regret, but he didn’t want to remember, at least not now. He has his precious boys and girls so he stood high and put a smile on his face, because his children will live a couple of weeks more now, and he had a gun to defend them too.

The scenes in front of him were in 3D before his eyes, he had tried to forget the awful man. His fear, his first kill, but looking back he would do it again, because his children and he were alive.

When the Federation comes to their rescue, that bastard Kodos and his men had raped and killed several men, women and children. Jim didn’t know how many. That was his worst day, because he had felt as raped, even if he technically wasn’t, letting the man lusted on and kiss him, even as little as it was. Jim not only had lost his innocence, but he had become a killer for his boys needed to live and he was their only choice of survival. Jim cried as he never had let him cried that day or forwards, there alone in the cave with his memories.

A voice was suddenly heard in the dark of the cave. “You are an honorable man, James Tiberius Kirk, You don’t take pleasure in taken a life, even in self-defense or if it is necessary, you suffered, because the ones in your charge suffer, but you never doubt to give yourself and your life for them not as a little boy not now as a man.”

“You have all the qualities a hero needs and must, to carry with this burden. I am Rayearth and will walk with you James Kirk with the fire of your soul, you will command the earth and the fire and there be no other fighter like you because you and I are together as one from now on.”

 photo 4934cfc8-08ff-4be5-9464-e62ea87ce213_zps85d42de6.png

(Clamp's work)

Jim felt the fire consumed him and an aura of power encircle him. And he felt how the earth of this planet rumbled under his feet and everything that had been and he had suffered had sense now because he was forged in the fire and nothing could destroy the ones under his care, he was and would be the shield and the weapon, and he was not afraid, he was relieved.

He found with the others and presented one of his winning smiles like nothing happened. “I met Rayearth and we are together now.” Spock was not everyone but they saw that whatever happened in that cave was private and James was indeed better, not happy and all smiling as he tried to fool them, but there was a content and he had a fiery quality that Bones and Spock didn’t need to address to perceive and communicated between each other, no one knew Jim better than them.

“I’m starving and we need to reach the ‘Lake that Never Where’ as Mokona says we are out of time guys.” Mokona hugged Jim and chatted with him a little, and he smiled at her freely.

They ate and Bones was really worriedly about why Jim went into a cave for more than an hour, but Jim said, that everything was ok and now he had a bigger sword. Spock Only look at Jim and saw a change I him, but it was not the time for him to talk about it, he trusted his t’hy’la.

On their journey to the lake they were attacked by estrange creatures which seemed to come from a very bad movie from the xix century, Spock wrote some words in Vulcan with his staff and a magic shield appeared and Jim went into battle sending fire bolts and making the earth rumble under his feet until there was no enemy to be seen. Bones had his mouth open all the way while Jim winked at him and took Spock hand.

’ A lightening fire, a strong wind and oceanic sage,
They fall upon me, the hoping expecting land
I felt the warmth and ice in their footsteps
I was witness of big things, terrible things. ’

After some hours at sunset they reach a clearing in the forest and a beautiful big lake was seen. Mokona said to Jim that Bones needed to go into the lake.

McCoy protested avidly because he didn’t have the ability to breathe under water, but Mokona said to Jim that Magic had its ways, so Jim took the resistant Doctor and pulled him into the water making high five with Mokona. Spock looked at him not very happy about it.

“Spock we don’t really have a lot time, our crew out there need us, and until we resolve this planet problem, we can’t save our ship.”

Bones tried to scream and swim to the coast but his body seamed heavy and he was leaded to the bottom of the lake and with astonishment he actually could breathe without any troubles. This world was mad.

Bones followed the music and found a wounded triton, seriously? He was a doctor not a fish veterinarian, but the creature was in pain, and Bones had made an oath. So he checked his things and cleaned the wound the best he could, tested that he had a hypo for possible infections and other bacteria and then found some algae to make a bandage for the Triton.

“I really hope this works my friend you are the first magical creature I’ve treated in my life.”

A dragon appeared before Bones. You have a big heart and you are truly a healer Leonard McCoy. You have saved one of my sons only with your instinct and your love and care for others. I will come with you and be your support and your strength in your mission, my wisdom will be your wisdom. Know my name as we will be one “Seres the god of the sea, the water, the healing and the life.” The Doctor felt surrendered by the knowledge of how to heal every illness and how life and death are to be.

He was surrounded by the magic flowing of the water; he even knew how to use the cards and all.

He emerged with ease from the water and he reunited with his friends.

He felt involved in power and magic and looked for his friends to share his happiness, but they there were making out and the only one looking at him was the white tribble with bunny ears, who look proud of him. Who needed friends?

’A lightening, a strong wind and oceanic sigh
They met strangers from stranger lands
I´d felt the echo of their battles far away
I was witness of a great light and a great love.

Finally they reached the center of the forest and found a beautiful fairylike woman called Presea. In her little castle which was a big library, they were books and rolls of papers everywhere. If Jim could have time he had made any battle only for a fraction of that treasure hold.

She led them to a table and she started to explain to them the tragic fate of the Pillar of the world of Sepphire.

“We don’t have a lot of time, but you need to know the truth about this world. The Pillar is the most magical person in the world and He or She after being elected replaced the old Pillar when our Queen or king is at dead doors and a Pillar had to live alone and dedicate his/her life completely to keep the wild magic of Sepphire, this world in balance.

“There were and there are rebels, of course to this system of things, because it is too taxing and slaving for one person to keep all the magic in the land. There had been wizarding wars and so many deaths, but we never found another alternative. The Rune-Gods can’t help us, except in the extreme case like the one we are now and when the call had being made to the out world warriors, who could fight with the Rune-Gods and save us to save the entire planet integrity, its inhabitants and everything. I know it is too much to ask, but at least this time around you are not little adolescent girls like the last time, and I can tell you everything.”

“The day had come, The Pillar, The King had fall in love with the Noble Ward who protect him, and as his focus was lost and Sepphire started to destroy it self. His last sane selfish act was to call for the warriors described on the prophesy to save Sepphire and restore the balance before this world perish with all their people.”

Spock asked Presea to meld with her to understand more about the world and how the balance is keep. She accepted.

“My Mind, to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts…” Spock now that he had experienced magic himself understood that the world of Sepphire had no core to temple the wild magic within. So the only solution their people had reached was to make a living person the core. To control and center magic itself. This system was wrong and this people had being in danger more times than this Presea admitted. Spock left her mind softly.

“I understand your problem. But I think a single pillar is not the solution. I will talk directly with the other Rune-Gods in the other warriors and in me and give you a proper answer.”

Spock took Jim and Bones and made a double meld with them, using his knew magic to do a circle to get the gods and her friends to see and speak in the meld.

All the Rune-Gods resemble a dragon, Windam was white, Rayearth was red and Seres was green. Spock talked with them and explained to Jim and Spock the problem, and why the pillar as a person was not a good solution.

“We the Rune-Gods tried to be pillars but we are pure magic elemental magic and we act almost against the wild magic who is the soul of this world, so we only help with people who are not from here so no wild magic users and to control and form a new balance, a new pillar, we can’t live in harmony with the magic of this planet all the time, no one would be able to control it.”

“I think is unfair that a little boy or girl are taken away to live as a monk only to focus in maintain control of magic without any other purpose in life like “LIVING,” said Jim really pissed off.

“We could say that this is messing with the prime directive, but you brought us here in the first place.”

“Precisely, Doctor, we must help as it been asked of us.” Bones couldn’t believe he was in accord with the pointy ears again.

“Maybe the balance must come from a multitude of people,” said Jim,” like in Vulcan, people who accept a change in their ways learning control in their everyday lives, and a select group of people who purge themselves of the emotions in pursuit of logic and magic.”

“Every child will be to learn to control wild magic and emotions and the some of them could decide to look for the core of magic, studying and finally some of them be the pillar because they wanted to be, more than one will be stability, there will be more than one person to replace the most powerful.”

“Also for this world to keep a balance, it needs the force of the elemental magic. Rune-Gods, we can’t stay here with you, but you need people who can manage elemental magic and help to bring balance to the world.”

“We will resolve the actual issue and then we will turn this into a new system, so you Rune-Gods, will tell us what do you need in the people you need to bring to you for your training.”

Now where is the last Pillar and what we need to do to reach her/him?”

Presea shared with them the visual of the capital and the temple where the King and the guards and the Ward lived.

“Now is not like that. Because our world is disintegrating itself and I can share with you one memory Hikaru the last Magic knight warrior shared with me about her battle.”

She took a book three dimensional alike and they saw three girls not older than fifteen in their armor and on robots fighting a Black Dragon who also could shape itself as a big machine.

“This is one of the manifestations of power of the Rune-Gods, apparently, now you will use direct magic against the Dragon King. You must defeat him, because he is insane, in order to eliminate chaos and restore resemblance of balance while we found another pillar.

Standing all in accord, Spock lifted the guard and the meld and they were to Presea again.

“You had heard Presea what the Rune-Gods and the magic knights had decided, so talk to your leaders and show your memories with them.

Presea jumped in a Pegasus. “Now that I had the privilege to meet you I know you would save our world.” With these parting words she went to the side of the world who was becoming in a war zone disaster, that apparently grow every day to accomplish her part.

The closer Mokona said to Jim they were the more wasteland and monster they encounter in their way. They could always rest in the magical little house and now Bones and Spock knew how to guard the outside to inform of danger and support the first blow, for what Jim was really grateful.

While the danger was more and more dire, Jim wonder about all the things Spock ad him hadn’t done together, Jim really wanted to be at Spock side forever, but now that they had even magical powers they had been at the point of death several times and Jim wondered if they could even had the opportunity of have sex, marry, or weather Vulcan did, and had some happiness before one of both of them died for good.

Spock had got some vibes from Jim, because he approached him that night in the little house and asked for meld, Jim was more than happy to accept, and he loved that kind of intimacy with his Vulcan.

“My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts, let me my T’hy’la see what trouble you, share with me your inner self.”

They were in Vulcan, Jim supposed the sun was red and just raising; they were sitting on a hill. And Jim hugged Spock and kissed him like he would never kiss him again.

”I’m afraid my love, yes Spock you are my love, I had used myself as a weapon since I was a boy, for obtaining things my people will need, but I really cared few people in my life. And t in reality there always had been you. Intelligent, scientific or historian oriented, brilliant minds in a beautiful body. I believe that my only slip was Gary, but I was so alone in the academy, that I left my self-carried away.”

But You, Spock was the one I looked in every one of them, and it took me some time to get it but you had always been and always will be. But I’m afraid now like never before, even now with super powers, we are in danger all the time, and thinking in this princess that had to focus in her world for it to live without a life, made me think if I had the right to have you?”

“And we can be together my romantic idea of get old together it is so far fetching, we can die tomorrow, and wouldn’t even be your husband.” Jim never let Spock go or stop caressing his fingers while his face was on the sand and his eyes shut.

Spock had a little problem of arousal with too much stimulation, but his control was built for years for a reason. He pondered Jim’s words and feelings. He knew it was important for Humans said something emotional in return, it was difficult for him to do so, but he could speak his mind to him.

“Jim, you are my T’hy’la, my best friend, my brother in arms and my love, I hope to that you to be my lover so the word fulfill it’s complete meaning. I would be always at your side and we both know that that time is indeterminate. Our line of work make impossible for us to made a clear estimation; I would not give you my possible numbers at the moments, because they had change all the time since I knew you. But I can say this any time that will be given to us would be a life time and I will be grateful for any second of it.”

Jim was somehow shocked with Spock declaration, “And they say Vulcan are not romantic” said James with that half-smile, the one he have only for Spock.

‘A lightening fire, a strong wind and oceanic sage,
They return to the castle, only piece of mi existence
I felt again their strength, their warmth, their pain
I was witness of their fights, I was witness of their prays,

They had to arrive to the Castle to save the King and try to restore the balance on the madness where and the Ward Princess could restore balance of Sepphire.

That night Jim-Rayearth, Spock-Windam and Leonard-Seres decided to survey all they had in their favor and try to get all the useful enchantments they had at their disposal. Because killing the King was not a good solution the first time around, they need to create a new order for this world to function.

Leonard was really troubled,” I don’t want one day my girl would take from her bed to be used as a weapon to save this planet again of their stupidity. This system clearly doesn’t work.”

“Don’t worry Bones, you simply study hard on the cards you need to use, we plot strategy with Spock and then we will find a new way, your baby girl will be safe and our crew also.”


This will continue!!

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(this one is not [ profile] cannedebonbon art, but you can see all three rune-Gods)


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