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Title: "His Bach"
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: PG.
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Characters: Sherlock and John, Sherlock/John
Summary: “John with time looked out for the piece in Internet and he named it Sherlock's Bach.”
Warnings: None Now betaed!!
Word Count: 500 approx
Author's Notes: Written for the [ profile] watsons_woes July Writing Prompt #10: Musical prompt: Chaconne for violin alone (J. S. Bach, Partita for solo violin No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1004 watch this one ).

This fic is a gift for my friend daysofstorm on tumblr

Beta: Thanks for the input [ profile] thesmallhobbit and Thanks to my amazing friend [ profile] trista_zevkia for the beta.
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Title: "A Head I Will Need a New One, or Maybe a Certain Doctor."
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: PG.
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Characters: Donovan, some constables ocs. John and Sherlock in passing.
Summary: Donovan opened the photo and immediately regretted it
Warnings: PG for imply sexiness
Word Count: 329
Author's Notes: Prompt #8 of [ profile] watsons_woes:
Forced perspective: Either use the concept in your story, or find an image that uses this technique and use it as the basis for the story. (If the latter, please include a link to the picture if possible; we'd love to see it!)
Beta: thanks to my amazing friend [ profile] trista_zevkia

“I win, it’s like I told you!” Said Constable Brown, holding the photo high over his head.
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Title: “A Jewel of Certain Complexity”
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: G.
Fandom: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Granada/Warehouse 13 (in the past so Warehouse 12)
Characters: Helena G. Wells (Warehouse 13), John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, and characters of the episode “ Blue Carbuncle” from the first season.
Summary: “Helena got the information of the gem whereabouts just in time for her to cross paths with Doctor Watson and Sherlock Holmes and the most unbelievable adventure of a goose, a hat, a book lover, a commissionaire who wanted a goose, a poor man, and two villains.”
Warnings: None except that Warehouse 13 is a series of secret agents who collect different artifacts around the world who had supernatural qualities in the negative side. They find them, secure them, resolve the actual damage the artifact had done recently and take it away to storage in order it not hurt anyone else. Helena G. Wells is a character of that series an agent of Warehouse 12 since 1880s, sister of the science fiction author H. G. Wells, who had taken several of his stories from her adventures(in the series).
Here more on her and the series: Helena

Word Count: 810
Author's Notes: Seventh Prompt of [ profile] watson_woes “The tangled web” this is a crossover with WareHouse 13. Who in the time of Granada(first season "The Blue Carbuncle") and ACD are set it was Warehouse 12.

Beta: [ profile] trista_zevkia

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