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Title: "Your Heart is Frozen Before The Red Moon."
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: PG-13.
Fandom: Sherlock
Characters: John Watson & Sherlock Holmes, Lestrade, The invited party of the wedding with the groom and the boyfriend, the bride and The red Moon
Summary: “I want to enter into a chest
where I can be warmed!
A heart of my own!
Burning! Spilling!
on the hills of my breasts;
Let me in! Oh, let me! “

Warnings: some gruesome crime scene and imaginary so Pg-13, people could be crazy or maybe this is a thriller in a magic realism alternative world. I think is the later.
Word Count: 2200 approx.
Author's Notes: Prompt of[ profile] watsons_woes Words to live by: Use one of your favorite quotes in your story. The quote I loved more as a teenager author was poem part of a theater script by Federico García Lorca it is a little long but here it is in English and Spanish is from “Bodas de Sangre” or “Bloody Weddings”; “Weddings of Blood” (the name varies in the translations) I translated the poem myself, because I didn’t like the ones out there were really bad, didn't did justice at the moon monologue, I know I’m not amazing, but I hope it has more rhythm now after all is a poem.
Beta: Now betaed by my amazing friend and wonderful writer [ profile] mildred_bobbin
Master Fic for this challenge: on LJ


¡Dejadme entrar! ¡Vengo helada

por paredes y cristales!

¡Abrid tejados y pechos

donde pueda calentarme!

¡Tengo frío! Mis cenizas

de soñolientos metales

buscan la cresta del fuego

por los montes y las calles.

Pero me lleva la nieve

sobre su espalda de jaspe,

y me anega, dura y fría,

el agua de los estanques.

Pues esta noche tendrán

mis mejillas roja sangre,

y los juncos agrupados

en los anchos pies del aire.

¡No haya sombra ni emboscada.

que no puedan escaparse!

¡Que quiero entrar en un pecho

para poder calentarme!

¡Un corazón para mí!

¡Caliente!, que se derrame

por los montes de mi pecho;

dejadme entrar, ¡ay, dejadme!.


Let me in! I come frozen

through windows and barriers!

Open roofs and chests

where I can be warmed!

I’m frozen! My ashes

of somnolent metals

seek the crown of the fire

among hills and streets.

But the chill snow carries me

In its shoulders of jasper,

and I flood, cold and harsh,

in the depths of lake-waters.

But this night my cheeks

will be stained with red blood,

and the reeds clustered

in the wide swathes of air.

There won’t be a hole or shadow,

nowhere they could hide!

I want to enter into a chest

where I can be warmed!

A heart of my own!

Burning! Spilling!

on the hills of my breasts;

Let me in! Oh, let me!

Blood’s weddings – Federico García Lorca.

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Title: "Sherlock Of Vulcan And John of Terra shared Pon Farr."
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: R
Fandom: Sherlock and related fandoms, crossover with Star trek universe.
Characters: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Siger Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, T'Pau of Vulcan.
Summary: John is worried for Sherlock's health and now he is ad portas of being married and a sex marhaton.
Warnings: Not so explicit sex, but explicit vulcan genitalia, telepathic sex, vulcan rituals and traditions.
Word Count: 2290
Author's Notes: [ profile] watsons_woesPrompt #31:

Just a little bit more: Write an add-on scene to one of your own stories. This can be an addition to a previous entry you wrote for JWP. Please link the story to which you're adding on!
this is the continuation of this fic: “Sherlock of Vulcan, John H. Watson of Terra.” on LJ
Beta: Now betaed by my amazing friend and wonderful writer [ profile] mildred_bobbin
Master fic of the challenge: on LJ
Banner art: Thanks to the beautiful [ profile] sospan_fach

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Title: "Forgiveness is a Divine Quality."
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: PG.
Fandom: Sherlock and related Fandoms
Characters: Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Summary: Sitting in front of his brother sometimes was like been in front of a mirror.
Warnings: Implied slash.
Word Count: 830 approx
Author's Notes: Prompt of [ profile] watsons_woes #30 Mirror, Mirror:
Write a story from a minor character's point of view, where he or she sees something similar between him/herself and Sherlock Holmes.
I maybe deviate a little because maybe Mycroft it's not so minor character, but i didn't noticed until now.
Beta: Now betaed by my amazing friend [ profile] mildred_bobbin

Master Fic for this challenge: on LJ

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Title: “The Sun’s Heir and The Fair Headed Reunited At Last.”
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: R.
Fandom: Sherlock and related fandoms: ACD, Granada, Sherlock BBC
Characters: Sherlock Holmes/ John Watson, Apollo/Athena
Summary: They really missed each other and the bed was not so far away.
Warnings: Slash and possibly god het because Sherlock is Athena and John is Apollo, but nothing is explicit. Au of the gods. Following The Ordeal of the Sun’s Heir and The Quest of the Fear Headed.
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: Prompt of [ profile] watsons_woes#29: Drabble, Drabble, Toil and Scribble :
Write a drabble of either exactly 100 words, or write a 221(b) (two hundred and twenty one words, ending with a word that starts with b).
Beta: Now betaed by my friend [ profile] trista_zevkia
Master Fic for this challenge: on LJ

The Gracious and the Fair Headed reached the bedroom and Sherlock was hastily ripping off what clothes John wasn't out of quick enough. There would be time for words and vows later; they needed assurance that they were really in each other embrace, so they found it. There were heated kisses, passionate touches, marble and gold interlaced in several forms and degrees of urgency. There was tenderness and love, but wild and godly power, electric current in their liaison, beauty and grace in every kinky and clever pose. It was a glorious loving night, the first of many for eternity.
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Title: “A Little Bit of Mother Nature’s Magic”
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: G.
Fandom: Sherlock ACD/ Granada
Characters: Sherlock Holmes & John Watson.
Summary: When Watson was in the Afghan wars he learns a lot not only from his superior surgeon Alexander Preston, but from the Arabian people.
Warnings: As I’m not native I’m not really good in using Victorian language so forgive me.
Word Count: 378 Approx
Author's Notes: Prompt of [ profile] watsons_woes Prompt #28:
Botany Bay: Plants frequently play an important part in Holmesian stories. Pick an herb, flower, or other plant, and make it a key part of your entry today.
Here some medicinal herbs you can find in Afghanistan, here Peppermint properties.
Beta: Now betaed by my friend [ profile] trista_zevkia
Master Fic for this challenge: on LJ

He found himself with dysentery and lost in a sandstorm so he thought he was good as dead, but he was found by a merchant caravan. The women gave him their ancient medicines and mixtures that desert dwellers had used for hundreds of years.

He was so lost in his fever that he did not question the veracity of their claims. When he was well again after only a few days, an impressed Watson asked them to teach him about their medicines. He explained he was a medicine man and would gladly trade techniques while he searched for a British camp. They agreed, and Watson was happy to learn what he could to when supplies became scarce; an all too common occurrence in the middle of a war.

When he found a British camp to return to, Watson thanked his companions and saviors. They gave him some of their oils, along with the knowledge of how to find and make more. From then on, if Watson saw a plant he recognized, he took some, stored it, and labeled it. So it was that when the morphine ran out, he had dried plant leaves that helped with the pain.

He found that garlic functioned as an antibiotic and also helped to counteract the venom of scorpions slowing its ill effects. Watson used the powdered wormwood the medicine’s women had given him, for the worse cases of malaria. Patients with dysentery, Holarrhena’s oil, diarrhea and other stomach disorders could be eased with boiled rice water, which helped prevent dehydration.

Back in London, John Watson didn't expect these skills to be used after the war, but he never forgot them. When Sherlock was so ill he refused to eat or even sip at a cup of tea, Watson had a solution. He forced Sherlock to take boiled rice water and peppermint, the peppermint improved the flavour as well as helping the stomach. Sherlock labeled him a witch and primitive primate, but when he was eating soup a day later, Sherlock didn't dare to say a word against his methods ever again.
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Title: “Letters from Vernet”
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: PG- 13.
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes and related fandoms (Granada TV. And ACD)
Characters: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, Hamish McCoy Watson, Horace Vernet.
Summary: The arrival of a keyed box with letters and a note book from Watsons’ late father would get them together in more ways than John Watson never thought possible.
Warnings: Crimean and Persian wars. Infidelity, Alcohol abuse, prohibited homosexual affair.
Word Count: 1000 approx.
Author's Notes: Prompt for [ profile] watsons_woes #24:

Picture prompt: Man with pipe (self-portrait)

Beta: My wonderful friend [ profile] mildred_bobbin

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Title: “Three Terrible Trigger Tigers"
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: G.
Fandom: Sherlock and Related Fandoms.
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Sebastian Moran.
Summary: "Three terrible trigger tigers touring together in the tainted lands..."
Warnings: None
Word Count: 105
Author's Notes: Prompt of [ profile] watsons_woes Prompt #4:
Oh say can you see… the alliteration in this lyric? Use at least one alliterative sentence in today's entry - and the more alliterations, the better!
Beta: Thanks [ profile] trista_zevkia

Sherlock Holmes was stressed and mad because his dad, Siger, left him with a riddle and he was unable to find the needle in that impossible field.

“Three terrible trigger tigers touring together in the tainted lands,

Tumbled and twisted with fever, without a river on the sands,

Until one died, stabbed, and mourned for the older in Afghanistan,

Two of the trigger tigers came back to homeland feeling strangers,

One tired tiger tried to be caring and tender, treating the helpless,

The other trigger tiger turned treacherous; distasteful and mindless,

You need to find and bind with the tender and kill the treacherous danger.”

What Sherlock didn't know was he had one of the tigers at his side, and the other was waiting with his enemy for the moment to attack.
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Title: "Sherlock, Really?"
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: G.
Fandom: Sherlock and related fandoms
Characters: John Watson and Sherlock Holmes
Summary: Prompt of [ profile] watsons_woes JWP #17: Watson's Woes
Prompt #17:
Watson's Woes - and another alliteration. This time, whump Watson woefully with an alliterative injury or woe of any severity. A swift stabbing or a gooey gumdrop? It's up to you to invent, write, and deploy!
Warnings: None
Word Count: 69.
Author's Notes: First attempt to alliteration in another language.
Beta: My wonderful friend [ profile] trista_zevkia

Watson was used to woes, with his mental, mad genius of friend, sharp-looking Sherlock. But being beaten up in a back alley, with a bleeding brain and a blinding pain in the plain posterior of the parietal part of his cranium was too much to bear.

With rage and revenge John started to shoot and shout to his friend, while the fiend who created the condemnatory concussion he crushed.
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Title: “The Ordeal of The Sun’s Heir”
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: PG.
Fandom: Sherlock and related fandoms
Characters: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, The Sun, The Moon.
Summary: John Watson or “The Gracious” was in a terrible ordeal. He had been confined to “The Lighthouse” surrounded by the treacherous sea and he can only wait there for Sherlock Holmes “The Fair Headed” to save him.
Warnings: Gods and Heroes, Magic realism, AU, applicable to any Sherlock Holmes Universe except Elementary.
Word Count: 710 approx.
Author's Notes: Prompt of [ profile] watsons_woes JWP #16: Viewer's Choice
Prompt #16:
Viewer's Choice: Use one of the following pictures as the inspiration for today's entry (or if you're really brave, use both!)Choice #1: Lighthouse
Beta: by my amazing friend [ profile] trista_zevkia

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Title: “The Zhiter’s Master, Zarathustra and Mycroft Holmes.”
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: G.
Fandom: Sherlock and related fandoms.
Characters: Mycroft Holmes, John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Siger Holmes in passing.
Summary: Mycroft needed to abdicate so his brother Sherlock would take the throne and be the public face of the government.
Warnings: alternative reality in some kingdom on the future.
Word Count: 413 Approx.
Author's Notes: Prompt #2 of[ profile] watsons_woes :
From A to Z: Use at least two of the following words: abdicate, automaton, allele, Zarathustra, zither.
Beta: Thanks to my amazing beekeeper friend [ profile] trista_zevkia

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Title: “In the Name of the Gods”
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: G.
Fandom: Sherlock BBC.
Characters: Sherlock/John; Hera, Zeus, Aphrodite, Hestia, Poseidon, Hades and Demeter.
Summary: "Hera was in tears, tears enough to a sea. Her sisters and brothers were sad in equal measure, but they knew that nothing else would save them."
Warnings: Greek gods and soul bonding.
Word Count: 663 approx.
Author's Notes: Prompt of [ profile] watsons_woesPrompt #12:
The naming of characters is a difficult matter. For example, 'Sherlock' means 'fair-haired'; John means 'God is Gracious.' Either use one (or both) of these bits of trivia in your story, or include a character whose name means something appropriate to his/her part. also Hamish means 'Protected by God' and was the name of many Scottish kings)
Beta: Thanks my friend [ profile] trista_zevkia

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Title: “A Jewel of Certain Complexity”
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: G.
Fandom: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Granada/Warehouse 13 (in the past so Warehouse 12)
Characters: Helena G. Wells (Warehouse 13), John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, and characters of the episode “ Blue Carbuncle” from the first season.
Summary: “Helena got the information of the gem whereabouts just in time for her to cross paths with Doctor Watson and Sherlock Holmes and the most unbelievable adventure of a goose, a hat, a book lover, a commissionaire who wanted a goose, a poor man, and two villains.”
Warnings: None except that Warehouse 13 is a series of secret agents who collect different artifacts around the world who had supernatural qualities in the negative side. They find them, secure them, resolve the actual damage the artifact had done recently and take it away to storage in order it not hurt anyone else. Helena G. Wells is a character of that series an agent of Warehouse 12 since 1880s, sister of the science fiction author H. G. Wells, who had taken several of his stories from her adventures(in the series).
Here more on her and the series: Helena

Word Count: 810
Author's Notes: Seventh Prompt of [ profile] watson_woes “The tangled web” this is a crossover with WareHouse 13. Who in the time of Granada(first season "The Blue Carbuncle") and ACD are set it was Warehouse 12.

Beta: [ profile] trista_zevkia

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Title: The Sun's Heir
Author: [ profile] ariadnechan
Rating: PG.
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes and related fandoms except Elementary.
Characters: Bill Murray, John Watson, The Sun.
Summary: “The night passed and he didn’t open his eyes, but Bill knew that the sun would make it all better.”
Warnings: A little bit of war situation, some angst and Magic realism.
Word Count: 285
Author's Notes: Sixth Prompt of [ profile] watsons_woes
Beta: Thanks a lot [ profile] trista_zevkia


William Murray saw Steve fall even as he called out to him. Little Steve was dead before the captain got there and Bill knew it. So he called on Watson to save himself, to take refuge. Their captain never left a man behind.

“No” he had cried out and Bill couldn't give him cover enough.

When the fight was over, Captain Watson was alive and little Steve was not. The captain was unconscious and Bill was unable to wake him up. He took him to cover and found a way to extract the bullet from his shoulder before cleaning the wound with water he didn’t have to spare; he didn’t know what more to do. Bill used the bandages out of Watson’s pack to stop the red flowing out of him.

The night passed and he didn’t open his eyes, but Bill knew that the sun would make it all better. John was the sun; his hair reflected its rays, his smile shone with its warmth, his embrace was fire, and his touch gave life. If his Captain was a child of the sun, then the only thing to do was to wait for his father to rise so the good captain would heed his father’s call and rise with it.

The morning came with the different colours of the sunrise matching those crossing the feverish face of John Watson. When the morning sun filled the sky, Bill heard a gasp and a litany; “Please God let me live.”

Then Bill could feel his stress and sorrow fading away because the captain was pleading to his father the sun; and a father would never leave such a son to die there, so far from home.



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