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Title: The Solstice of the Young
Artist: [ profile] ariadnechan
Series: TOS and STXI in au
Characters: Spock and Jim Kirk (with mélange's eyes)
Rating: G


here original size )
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Title : My Husband Attend.

Author : [ profile] ariadnechan

Betas : [ profile] inu_spockya and [ profile] mtnhi32

Series : TOS or Aos AU (it can be read as both universes)

Pairing : K/S established

Characters : Captain Pike, Number One, T’Pau, Scotty.

Rating : Pg-13

Length : 1439

Disclaimer: Sadly I don’t own Gene Rodenberry Star Trek( Because Paramount win me over)

Warnings: Surak was banned in this universe, Emotional Vulcans, so Spock OOC. Jim is an empath and has other manipulative abilities. Other implied uses for chocolate and maybe some indications of intimacy between husbands. No real chocolate was harmed in this fictional piece.

Summary: The Dream of Archer is to found the federation of planets. T’Pau has agreed and other planets too, to sign the treaty. The Matriarch went accompanied by the new ambassadors of Vulcan for the Federation, her grandsons Spock and his husband Kirk of the house of Solkar, to attend travelling in the Enterprise on the day of St. Valentine’s day of Terra.

Notes : This fic is set 2 years after the events of “Solstice of the Young” But it could be read as a standalone. This can also be read without knowing anything about Dune of Frank Herbert, because the crossover doesn’t make a proper appearance in this fic.

My Spock, did you know that during our stay on the Enterprise we will be in the middle of a Terran celebration? )
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Notes: at the end there are notes about the Vulcan language used. Also any remaining error is mine because my betas are awesome.


Master Post of fic:

The Solstice of The Young,

"The Meld and The Contract"

Chapter twelve

Spock was cold as ice and behind him Kirk followed him with all the confidence he could muster, but both of them were broken. )
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Notes: at the end there are notes about the Vulcan language used. Also any remaining error is mine because my betas are awesome.


master fic:

The Solstice of The Young

"T'Pau, The Ko-mekh-Te'kor-Reldai"

Chapter ten

My dear, I fear your tea is a little cold, but this could be solved with another warm cup, like another problems we could have it is not?” Sarek was somewhat shocked, but really, she was the matriarch of Vulcan )
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Notes: Sorry for the lateness but I had some problems before and during xmas my betas are awesome, so any remaining error is totally mine.


master fic:

The Solstice of The Young

"The Waiting"

Chapter six.

Jim lied injured or death on the ground. T’ Grell ran with all his might to the healer, he was almost sure, of the meaning of that scene, and it was possible that the healer was the only one who could save any of them. )
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master fic:

The Solstice of The Young

Chapter Two

Sarek's Office.

Spock stomped into his father’s office. )
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master fic:

The Solstice of The Young

Chapter One

Vulcan Empire. Three years later.

The Red Sol of the beginning of the colder season was high in the sky. It was a good time for war exercises. )
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The Solstice of The Young


Terra, Earth Empire, Head Quarters.

The Aged Admiral was looking at the sun setting across the bay outside the window, when he heard the knock on his door, which made him, came back to reality. )
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My entrance for [ profile] ksadvent 2011 art and fic. Also celebrating the Solstice!!!


Title : "The Solstice of the Young."

Author : [ profile] ariadnechan

Betas : The awesomes [ profile] mtnhi32 and [ profile] thyla23 the help and cheer from [ profile] stella_notecor

Series : TOS AU/crossover with Dune (it can be read as both universes Aos or Tos)

Pairing : K/S from pre-slash to established; Stonn/T’Grell, Stonn/T’Pring both mentioned

Characters : Admiral Archer, T’Pau, Sarek, Stonn, T’Pring, T’Grell (Original character), and several ocs.

Rating : Pg-13 to NC17

Length : 22.550 aprox. plus the K/S Valentine snipet-sequel: 24.000 aprox.

Disclaimer: Sadly I don’t own Gene Rodennberry Star Trek(Because Paramount win me over) or the novels of Frank Herbert(because obviously his son came first), from who I only took for play his Bene Gesserit plot.

Warnings: Slavery, Mind washing, Emotional Vulcans, so Spock OOC, Violence, Fight to the death, Pon Farr, if you didn’t read Dune, you only need to know these:

Summary: "In Terra, Archer wants to establish the Federation at any cost, even if it means sending Kirk into an uncertain mission as a slave in the Vulcan Empire, where Surak was banned.

In Vulcan, Sarek sends Spock to the Young Tournament, the Last Rithual of Passage with an alien personal slave, he must start to understand his position at the Empire's most noble house at last before he comeback as young adult.

What will happens when this two world crash together?"

Thanks: I want to thanks to my beautiful and wonderful and patience audience, because i finishing writing in some point of February but my faithful betas had a difficult year and find someone with the time to read all the fic and the beta the last chapter and the epilogue was hard... Thanks again [ profile] stella_notecor. Finally i want to thank for the help with vulcanasu when the dictionary didn't help to [ profile] alinealghost

Notes: This Au is a tiny crossover with Duna by Frank Hervert so Jim's shifting color because of the mélange becoming deep blue when he just consume it in his shots and the pass to normal eyes in the case of Jim Tos pale blueish green, because of mélange never turn gold again; and in the case of Jim Aos blue. Jim will never would quit ménlange, if someone is asking her/himself, if he wants to continue living, but as a bonus he will live longer than a normal human.

2.- This started as my 2011 Advent Calendar, for the prompt : “The celebration of a Vulcan winter solstice, Jim was sold as slave as a gift from Sarek to Spock because of the Celebration, And clearly Jim and Spock were not amuse about it”

This work morph from a total writer block into a banned Surak religion Vulcan in an advanced Empire but with emotions, ancient rituals and the last Ritual of passage for the youngest almost adults of the noble houses of Vulcan, after this last preparation only their first killing in battle or their first Ponfarr will make them complete adults in the eyes on their society.


Chapter one:
Chapter two:
Chapter three:
Chapter four:
Chapter five:
Chapter six:
Chapter seven:
Chapter eight:
Chapter Nine:
Chapter Ten:
Chapter Eleven:
Chapter Twelve:
Chapter Thirteen and Epilogue:

K/S Valentine (Little sequel):
Art of the series: Photo-manipulations by me:


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