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A Big Hug for all my Mexican friends I hope all of you are all right! I send you my love!


Happy Chilean independence day!! September, 18-19!! even if it is a little late.

Life Update:

I finish the July challenge in Watson woes and I disappeared right, That was not my intention. I was super happy and i wanted to continue with my writing spree, but you know that my body is never too agreeable with my desires, so felt with a massive cold who took me for a month, after that I get the visit of my friend [ profile] majestic_shriek who came from UK to visit Chile and me, so we went to see STID at last because in Chile it gets in the cinemas the 28 of August.

About the visit I was so happy we did marathon of different movies, talk of a lot of stuff and her journeys it was really good! and we eat a lot of Ice Cream! the sad part it was that 3 days is really short. but I had my first fangirl reunion of my life!!

I would love to take her to sight site in Santiago but my health is not good as you know and i couldn't but at least i didn't faint too much and we went to see Star trek with Benedict in it, and Chris and Zach and Karl!

Then i need to plan the Birthday of my elder kid Ricardo who was turning 12 the 5 of September. We made the tea party the 7th. It was good even if Ricardo this year didn't want to bring anyone to his party, his cousins came and my brother, his aunt, my mother in law and my father was upset because he wanted i remembered him when his grandkid had his b-day and really everyone remember on his own why he didn't!? so well after he yell at me and treat me badly as always I apologized to him profusely because of Ricardo's sake and he finally made a short appearance after his dialysis so I was grateful because I know how tired he is after that, but really he need to remember when his grandchildren born he had only 3!
My mother had come the day before because she never want to see my father by chance. But Ricardo was happy! and that was the important part.

the day after everything went to hell, my little son told us the bulling against him turned for the worst and he was getting hit. And I got a panic attack, yes that the sort of mother I'm apparently.

if you don't know I have anxiety disorder and clinic depression, but the worse part it is that really awful things really happens to me as a child and the bulling against my little one plus the 12 b-day of my elder trigger me into a panic attack and anxiety strode for nearly 4 days. If you wonder when i was a child and teenager i was bullied constantly and no one help me, not my parents , not my teachers, there were even teacher who made fun of me, so it was hard, I survived, but it was hard.

When I was like 8 almost 9 my elder cousin died from high burns from a fire in the house next to mine, I heard her cry while she was burning and it was her 12 b-day. My grandmother save her, they take her to the hospital she lived like two weeks and died. So when I turned 12 I was really sure I was going to die too, and even after all these years had passed since then to the now, my mind mixed my little son bulling with my elder son 12 b-day and I got completely useless and a mess. I know everything was not real, I know nothing like that will happen to my kids but I was completely terrorized.

So i had take me time to get better and fortunately when I thought I was going to crack, I received a gift from my friend [ profile] mildred_bobbin she had sent me the dvds of Sherlock BBC in June but they arrive just in September when I was worse, it really make me feel better to know that out there there are you my friends that are with me all the way, and I started to get better.

Now I'm better, a little tired and with some fainting like always, but I hope that now I will comeback on track with writing because I was really enthusiastic before I get ill and I get myself in a lot of work to do like a lot! (ten stories at least) from here to November, wish me luck!!

About my little kid, I did a big lawyer letter to the director of the school and my hubby when to the meeting and they said they will resolve the issue from here to October, I really hope so, if not I need a new school, I don't want my little one crying and sad believing he is an idiot or a girly or worse things they had say to him because he is not! and no kid deserve to be tell awful things and be beaten by mean and barbaric kids even older than him!

Fandom life:

So I'm reading and reading and reading like there is no tomorrow!!

Do you had some STID recs? I don't read so much new movie fics yet.

About Star trek into Darkness

I know I'm really late but I just see the movie like 2 weeks ago ok!

So review

Benedict character not Khan:

He was amazing as an augment but he was no Khan
His mind work different, it nothing to do with appearances and race, but with personality.
John Harrison is more caring, more strategist less egomaniac and more scientific minded than Khan. He is clearly a leader and he is faithful to his people.
the original Khan was a leader too, but he exuded charisma and he win people for charisma alone, he manipulate people into his goals and he was single minded and egomaniac. his people was important to him as
his equals and his trusty officials but not his family.

So for me Khan in John Harrison place had gain every scientific in the sector 31 and manipulated the others, defrost his people and take over england sector in a year or less, at least he had been able to defrost
everybody with the people he had won to his side and escape, to hell the consequences.

John Harrison was very careful with his people, he used his intellect, science and his strategic and his terrorist weapon to escape and made his people free, he had the patience to endure captivity until he was
able to escape and turn the thing to his side and he cared for his people as a family and not simply as equals and trusty warriors.
So I think Marcus woke up the wrong augment and John Harrison or weatherer his name prince took his place in order to save Khan and the others.

This is my head canon after seen the movie three times now
and rewatching space seed and the wrath of Khan a lot.

About The world building

Now Star fleet and the Federation is militarized and it is totally different to the one we knew, Nero destroy completely the other one, did you saw the uniforms?
Carol Marcus is not a scientist working on creating life, she is a weapon specialist!!

They took an augment kidnapped against his will with his people at gun point to made him obey them and make weapons for them!!

Star fleet when bonkers!

About Kirk. Spock, Bones, Uhura

This movie still disappoint me about poor Bones, they totally leave him behind and put Uhura in his place. there is even a lot of threesome vibes all the movie about K/S/U witch is scandalous!

Why Jim didn't grow up yet about girls?? Why they made Jim mess up with Chapel??? and please tell me that Carol will get Bones , because Jim/Carol is totally not in there!

It was really stupid way to die i was like disappointed, and only Spock was there and the meld was too short for him to take his essence. but fanfiction could make it better.

finally THE SCENE:

it was good and bad, it lack of the special thing Jim and Spock had in TWOK, they hadn't it here, Uhura was in the way, so the "KHAAAAN" cry out was so out of order that kill the moment that it was difficult to build

there was also why nobody call for Bones?? He was Jim's friend

and finally the end
what happen there??

But I loved all the K/S feels because i'm a K/Ser what i can say! and there was a lot of them, but Uhura was on the way too much!


OMG I'm in so many fics to do!!

-I enter in the [ profile] ksadvent as every year! so there is one
-I enter a gift exchange in spanish, because I say why not?
-I enter the 50 who ficathon because really is the 50 anniversary of doctor who and i never wrote nothing of who and I have the Master
-I must continue with my wip of Sherlock Stretching of vampires and I'm half of chapter 10
-Many people had asked me to continue Omegaverse werewolves Sherlock/John in D/s dynamics
-Many people had asked me to continue with Bamf John especial operations Captain and Doctor, not army-doctor.
-an author asked me to continue her crossover STID/Sherlock BBC. Sherlock and Benedict character' souls change places
-There is another crossover that round my mind Sherlock/Harry Potter, I read it it was only dialog, I asked the author to continue with more and she said, if you want do it yourself! and I really want to read that story
because it was Harry Potter raised as Holmes and not by the Dursleys so his name was Sherlock Holmes instead of harry Potter and he was Ravenclaw, and he learn deductive skills from Mycroft and he was more studied than Harry. And Jim Moriarty studied at Howarts too and took Draco's place in trying to kill Dumbledore.
Didn't sound amazing?

too many fics too little time no?

I need to focus I suppose the first 3 have deadline in November and I really need to update Stretching

How are you My friends?
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