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A Big Hug for all my Mexican friends I hope all of you are all right! I send you my love!


Happy Chilean independence day!! September, 18-19!! even if it is a little late.

Life Update:

I finish the July challenge in Watson woes and I disappeared right, That was not my intention. I was super happy and i wanted to continue with my writing spree, but you know that my body is never too agreeable with my desires, so felt with a massive cold who took me for a month, after that I get the visit of my friend [ profile] majestic_shriek who came from UK to visit Chile and me, so we went to see STID at last because in Chile it gets in the cinemas the 28 of August.

About the visit I was so happy we did marathon of different movies, talk of a lot of stuff and her journeys it was really good! and we eat a lot of Ice Cream! the sad part it was that 3 days is really short. but I had my first fangirl reunion of my life!!

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Fandom life:

So I'm reading and reading and reading like there is no tomorrow!!

Do you had some STID recs? I don't read so much new movie fics yet.

About Star trek into Darkness

I know I'm really late but I just see the movie like 2 weeks ago ok!

So review


OMG I'm in so many fics to do!!

-I enter in the [ profile] ksadvent as every year! so there is one
-I enter a gift exchange in spanish, because I say why not?
-I enter the 50 who ficathon because really is the 50 anniversary of doctor who and i never wrote nothing of who and I have the Master
-I must continue with my wip of Sherlock Stretching of vampires and I'm half of chapter 10
-Many people had asked me to continue Omegaverse werewolves Sherlock/John in D/s dynamics
-Many people had asked me to continue with Bamf John especial operations Captain and Doctor, not army-doctor.
-an author asked me to continue her crossover STID/Sherlock BBC. Sherlock and Benedict character' souls change places
-There is another crossover that round my mind Sherlock/Harry Potter, I read it it was only dialog, I asked the author to continue with more and she said, if you want do it yourself! and I really want to read that story
because it was Harry Potter raised as Holmes and not by the Dursleys so his name was Sherlock Holmes instead of harry Potter and he was Ravenclaw, and he learn deductive skills from Mycroft and he was more studied than Harry. And Jim Moriarty studied at Howarts too and took Draco's place in trying to kill Dumbledore.
Didn't sound amazing?

too many fics too little time no?

I need to focus I suppose the first 3 have deadline in November and I really need to update Stretching

How are you My friends?
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Hi world!!!

First fangirling about Sherlock fandom in a recent interview

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has heaped praise on his co-star Martin Freeman, calling him “extraordinary” and revealing that one performance in particular reduced him to tears.

Auditions for the part of John Watson took place after Cumberbatch had already been cast as the detective. Talking about the process, Cumberbatch said “We met some amazing actors - all of them were really, really good and brought something extraordinary to the part - but when Martin walked in I just Felt 'my Game' Go Whooop! I completely did."

But after reading this about Andrew Scott

“He’s brilliant. He’s another person [as well as Martin Freeman] that when he was cast, it was music to my ears,” said the star. “I knew how good he was because I’d seen all his stage plays.”

Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, Cumberbatch praised Scott’s performance as the “consulting criminal”.

“I just knew they’d got something utterly, utterly unique for a very big ask,” said Cumberbatch, “and oh, god, did he do well [in the audition] – he was just amazing. Again, he’s another actor who just Raised 'my Game..”

conclusion: "HIS GAME" = HIS LIBIDO and penis? I say YES!

Today i wanted to know what are watching this season?


Big bang theory
because it is always fun! And Raj inviting the poor guy of the comic store is really good is not real slashy but fun. And the adventures of skyping to the space is really amusing.

Merlin here we are again, why? I really don't know! But it was not so bad. At least we didn't see Arthur and Gwen together in any scene, and Arthur and Merlin were as always, and that was a problem why in 3 years Merlin didn't told anything?? He isn't in the table! He don't use his powers to save the knights but obviously his beloved Arthur, Merlin is more in love if that is even possible, and Arthur don't seem to be less in it than in other seasons but now they talk in riddles. Gwen is all powerful Queen and more hatetable by the minute.i like women in power, but her is like Uther reincarnated or something.

the last Resort even if is really US. thing, i really like it really good first episode, and i don't like military stuffs, make you jumpy and wondering what will happen next also the captain it is not exactly a good guy and that is good i think... The poor wife break my heart and also the women Lt. Because she is a women men don't take her seriouly yet, but i really hope she overtake her own fear of failing and everybody see that she is awesome.

Downton Abby new season is good they don't over do the usual drama of the central couple marry or not marry, they accept their flaws at the end. They save Downton, but now we know the father lost all the money his wife put in the patrimony in less than a generation because missmanagment, i wonder how poor new co-owner will overcome his father in law!

Poor sister, the campaign against her marriage was too much! I think she must go with her grandmather to US where marring an older man is not seeing as a flaw! The worse thing is that she really loved the lord and he left her in the altar!!! About the other guys thing get good now that the new footman comes and even the bad guy now vallet want a piece of meat.

elemtary yes i watched two episodes... I realy didn't like it much, the opening is awesome? I want Lucy Liu for Sherlock! She even has her own a purple shirt! And she resolve two cases those far. This Sherlock was written with a father like Mycroft, he is like younger... And he only has his social disorder a most pronounce one, and he want to be recognized as a brilliant genius more, and non of the good things Sherlock ACD and BBC has, but apparently he already knew Irene and that is strange? About Joan Watson... I think the character lost too much with the missing past as a soldier or other bamfness; lossing her license because she let a patient Die is very lame! And i think is that why she and Sherlock don't get each other at all and don't get friends yet, idk if they will. Gregson is dull and really bad cop! He can see a thing even if it has an x and say i'm obvious right over it!But i like Sally Donovan gender bender he was really bamf!

About the prostitute.

My head canon about SherlockBBC, ACD and elemtary sexuality and needs

For sometime i had a theory about Sherlock in general, i think he is not asexual. I believe he think his body is only a transport and he can overcome his urges for eat, sleep or sex, because mind over matter... And also because relationship sucks, need time, devotion, space in the mind palace for b-days anniversaries, there is the inlaws, etc so they are out of the question!

Sherlock despise John approach too, because takes a lot of productive time. He has to hunt a possible parner and date and date until the sex occur, and then hunt again or see himself in front of the relationship thing. So for Sherlock is not good!

So i think that there only two options left prostitutes because you need no time for nothing except resolving the actual need, and the wank and toys when needed because the same thing. Also i don't believe Sherlock has an strong libido.

I think BBC Sherlock and ACD Sherlock will not use prostitutes, specially not BBC Sherlock, but i read a great idea out there where Sherlock hunted a universitary once in a three or 4 years period as his personal partner for hired, he pay the boy, help them with their assigments and obtain the occasional sex with someone not boring and with not attachment the boy can decide to go when he wanted because there was no relationship the money involve resolve that part, also Sherlock personality. And when the uni partner move on, he hunted again and so on.

But as i say before i think BBC Sherlock is more for personaly satisfy himself in order of quick not atached, not messy emotion-relationship involved in the need of his transport.

So this Sherlock who is different from BBC using real prostitutes it is not so out of dephts to me as the second solution. Because he eats when in a case, so it is not strange he decides for prostitutes.

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